A massive event can be a massive drain on a battery. So when crowds of all sizes come together, look for us in the middle of it all—keeping people and their devices energized and ready for an encore.

McDonald’s - 2014 Super Bowl

Hosted by the Big Apple, Super Bowl Boulevard was a stretch of New York 14 blocks full of NFL related attractions.

McDonald’s wanted to provide charging stations throughout their most trafficked locations near the festivities.  They knew that the influx of extra foot traffic would demand our product.

We saw an huge influx of usage during the month long campaign.  Almost 24 hours a day there were users utilizing our cell phone charging technology.

USA Today - SXSW Gannet Round Up

With so many events during the two weeks of the SXSW Technology and Music festival, the team at Kennedy Creative wanted to find a creative way to give back to the effortless work of all of the on-site media members.  They reached out to us specifically to help integrate our amazing cell phone charging stations into their action packed event.

Their client, USA Today was one of the sponsors of the Gannet Round Up Event, which was free event put together by Gannett Co., Inc, an international media and marketing solutions company.

Fashion Focus 2013

Power Tower was very pleased to come on as a sponsor of the 9th Annual Fashion Focus: Chicago’s Fashion Week.

The event was a huge success and one step closer to developing a long lasting relationship with the City of Chicago.  As technology grows we want to help the city implement new ways to serve the community and provide a much needed service.

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