We are event experience experts

Whether your brand is looking for exposure at a music venue, a corporate event or a conference, our charging stations facilitate exciting audience engagement.

Flexible, durable solutions for every event

Every Power Tower product is built in the USA. Designed to withstand multiple shipping trips and perform in the most demanding environments. Whether you need a station with a small footprint or one offering fully customizable interactive software, we offer a range of products to fit your event needs.

Dressed to impress. And inform.

Every Power Tower charging kiosk can be fully customized to display event content, answer questions, and allow the audience access to self-service information about your events.

Generate additional revenue

Our charging stations provide a valuable service to your audience, and allow for opportunities to generate sponsorship revenue. Give your sponsors added visibility and the option to take advantage of lead generation capabilities.

Event Partners

We can help find the right station for your event.

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